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Oi Kids

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bidding starts at less than 1$ Mar. 29th, 2009 @ 12:25 pm

available at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=260384849650

Every OI! kid needs a trusty pair of boots Jan. 10th, 2009 @ 10:09 pm


Martens ~ Black AirWair w/ bouncing soles
zippers along sides- DISCREET and not noticeable at all!
14 eye
size 7
They are in good condition, and just need some laces and a polishing.

50$ INCLUDING SHIPPING. -OR MAKE ME AN OFFER. I'm willing to negotiate!
Current Music: Blitz

Deadset Music has closed Nov. 16th, 2008 @ 12:46 pm
Hey folks.

So it has been a right prick of a week. With only a week to go until the closing date for Deadset Music and there were major server problems which have caused havoc for the site. You may have noticed that the site was online then offline then online then offline pretty much all of last week.

Since it has gone back up this time there are errors popping up all over the place and the checkout isn't working correctly. So I have decided to close the store as of now.
Over the next few weeks I will probably add some of the remaining stock up on Ebay, http://myworld. ebay. com/aussieskin/ If you already receive the Deadset Music newsletters then I will keep you updated every so often.

For those of you with orders outstanding please send your money orders or transfer your money as soon as possible. I will get in contact with you all individually aswell.

I will also be adding up a list of alternative places to shop online. Places I have dealt with and places worth supporting.

Thanks to all those who have shown true support to Deadset over the years, and thanks to those who inadvertadly bought me more business by trying to discourage people from supporting me...


www. deadsetmusic. net

Patriot on the West Coast Oct. 21st, 2008 @ 07:28 pm
Patriot, the near legendary us oi! band will play Seattle on November 14th!

It will be their only all ages show on the west coast, and their first time in the area!!!

Any fan of oi! or classic punk would enjoy this show.

The tickets are twelve dollars in advance.

You can get them by paypal the address to paypal the cash to is deadendsocialclub@gmail.com

Or you can get them through tickets west... But they will charge you a small service fee.

DSM closing down Oct. 21st, 2008 @ 03:02 pm
I am closing down Deadset Music. I've been doing it long enough, and it's taking up too much of my time. As those who know me know I have a young family and have settled down a lot over the last few years. There are other things I want to do with my life, but in order to do those things I need more time, so I am spring cleaning and claiming back as much time and energy for myself as I can. So that means Deadset is going. It's time for me to be selfish!

It'll be sad to see it go, I have enjoyed it over the years and have put a fuck load of time and energy into it, met a lot of really awesome people and had a lot of fun.

The plan is to have a 'closing down' sale and sell as much stuff as I can. I haven't put a time limit on it yet, it'll take as long as it takes. A lot of stuff is already on special, and more will be marked down over the next few weeks.

If there is anyone who would be interested in taking Deadset Music over and buying the business, just drop me a message and we can talk about it.

aussieskins isn't going anywhere though. I might even do a major upgrade of it in the future when I get some of that time back. But I promise I won't be deleteing any forums or anything though! Deadset paid for the hosting for this site though, so I might add a 'pay pal' donate button, but we'll see what happens.

Thanks guys

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Aires and Graces debut CD-EP "Fortitude and Hope" is available for pre-order; All orders will ship the day that the EP arrives from the presses; Shipments will be made around September 16th. The six song EP features staples of the Aires and Graces set and exhibits both sonic density and lyrical depth.

You can get our record at our website
Or at

We also have shirts left. We have a few M, L, XL’s. They are available for only 15 dollars. You can email us at info at deadendsocialclub dot com for availability.

You can order our shirts through our website

While you are looking to buy merch. Remember that Dead End Social Club has the “Take it Back” scarves available. Featuring the Crucified Skinhead image, and the phrase “Take it Back”. All sales for this scarf will go directly to helping us out on the Patriot tour!!!


Upcoming Local Shows

8.29.08 Seattle: BOP STREET W/ THE BOILERS
9.05.08 Olympia: MIDNIGHT SUN W/ Boilers VS Aires and Graces
9.27.08 Renton: w/ the boilers @ Harambee

FALL 2008 Patriot, Antagonizers, Aires and Graces Tour

11.14.08 Seattle, WA: w/ Patriot, Antagonizers @ Studio 7
11.15.08 Portland, OR: w/ Patriot, Antagonizers, Shock Troops @ Ash Street Saloon
11.16.08 Eugene/Salem, OR: TBA w/ Patriot, Antagonizers
11.17.08 Redding/Eureka, CA: TBA w/ Patriot, Antagonizers
11.18.08 Sacromento, CA: w/Patriot, Antagonizers, Pressure Point
11.19.08 Oakland, CA: W/ Patriot, Antagonizers, The Harrington Saints @ The Stork Club
11.20.08 Santa Cruz, CA: w/ Patriot, Antagonizers
11.21.08 Lancaster, CA: w/ Patriot, Antagonizers @ Uncle Sam’s
11.22.08 Los Angeles, CA: w/ Patriot, Antagonizers
11.23.08 San Diego, CA: w/ Patriot, Antagonizers, Rat City Riot @ O’Connell’s

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New stuff just arrived. Check it out.
Retaliator - 'Against the Grain' Retaliator - 'Against the Grain'

Bakers Dozen - 'Storm of Discontent' Bakers Dozen - 'Storm of Discontent'

Headcase - 'Old Glory Boys' Headcase - 'Old Glory Boys'

Headcase - 'Coming home' Headcase - 'Coming home'

Headcase - 'Ammunition' Headcase - 'Ammunition'

Haggis - 'Stormtroopers of Hate' Haggis - 'Stormtroopers of Hate'

Les Vilains - Les derniers rebelles Les Vilains - Les derniers rebelles

The Pints - 'Shadows of the Past' The Pints - 'Shadows of the Past'

Shaved Dogs - 'Feos y malvados' Shaved Dogs - 'Feos y malvados'

Superyob - Very British phenomenon Tshirt mens XLarge Superyob - Very British phenomenon Tshirts

Condemned 84 Enamel Badge Condemned 84 Enamel Badge

Condemned 84 Oi! Ain't Dead patch Condemned 84 Oi! Ain't Dead patch

Condemned 84 Shoulder Patch Condemned 84 Shoulder Patch

Tattooed Mother Fuckers - Salute - Girls M Tattooed Mother Fuckers - Salute T-shirts

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